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David DiPasquale

David DiPasquale

Paramus Office

Growing up, success was measured by a combination of educational strides, how hard you worked and how much you applied yourself towards reaching a desired outcome, all while having the availability to help family, friends and peers. David took those core values and no matter what job or career he worked at, he has always provided a passionate, educative and ethical effort to all clients, companies and peers.

From 1994 to 2006, David grew from the ground up in manufacturing companies. He was a general manager responsible for sales, employees, product design, project management, logistics and material purchasing. There was never a better all-around education for David, having to balance college work, assisting in running a business, and supporting peers and clients on all economic and financial levels all at once.

These accomplishments and learning experiences at a young age helped pave the way for success in his Financial Services practice. He continues and will always continue to provide a relentless effort in educating and implementing all the tools and services for his clients to be as financially successful as possible. David specializes in working with dentists, doctors, and other professionals to help them navigate through all phrases of their financial and professional careers in a simplified manner that instills confidence and positivity for their futures.

Away from his practice, David loves spending quality time with his wife, 2 children and 2 dogs. They love activities in all 4 seasons: beaches and parks in the warm weather, farms and the countryside in fall/harvest season, and relaxing at home and lots of cooking during the cold weather.

David is very active in his community with coaching sports including soccer, flag football, and softball. Currently, he is the head coach of his son’s Travel Soccer team. David and his family contribute time and effort to local dog shelters, helping with fundraisers and adoptions. His weekly physical workout consists of playing ice hockey twice a week. He runs his local ice rink’s adult hockey club.

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Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian CA Insurance License #0H09512