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Step 3 to Living Confidently: Cutting Your Expenses

Step 3 to Living Confidently: Cutting Your Expenses

| March 01, 2020
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Getting fit - whether fiscally or physically - should be enjoyable, or at least tolerable. Otherwise, you'll never stick with it. Here are ways to cut the fat weighing down your wallet.

Be Mindful of Auto Pays

You're streaming more and watching cable less. And you haven't been to the gym in six months. Cancel subscriptions and memberships that no longer fit your lifestyle and save.

Monetize Via Mobile

Turn your smartphone into a personal money manager. Looking for the lowest gas prices, the cheapest parking lots, and the nearest free Wi-Fi spots? There's an app for that.

Search For Low-/No-Fee Funds

Work with a financial professional who can help you avoid fees.

Buy In Bulk

Save by buying in large quantities at discount warehouses. Do it regularly and you'll bulk up financially. Bulk purchases of toilet paper and paper towels? Absolutely. Think twice about the eight pound tub of cream cheese, unless you're hosting a lot of bagel socials.

Be Proactive About Your Health

Regular teeth cleanings, flu shots, eye exams, and screenings may help you live longer and can reduce health care costs in retirement, which tend to increase. Plus, many preventative exams are free with most insurance providers.

Increase Charitable Donations

Donating to charities can have great societal and financial benefits. Save money by doing good. Genius!

Increase Your Self-Knowledge

You're doing that right now by reading this post. Awesome! You're well on your way to adopting behaviors that will improve your financial well-being. And if you're in search of a good podcast to listen to, check this one out!

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