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Robert C Lax

Robert C Lax

Financial Representative

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Robert Lax grew up in Warwick, NY.  He graduated from Wesley College with his bachelor’s degree.  Rob is married to his beautiful wife, Kristen and they have 3 wonderful children, Landon, Colton, and Emma.  Rob is an avid sports fan and loves to spend his spare time golfing with friends and family.  He can’t wait to get his boys out on the course with him! 

About 2 years ago Rob transitioned into a finance career.  Growing up, always having close family ties with CFS, he knew it was the best choice for him.  Being able to work with people who you consider part of your family makes working that much more enjoyable.  Rob’s family is why is does what he does.

The process Rob will take his clients through is a truly holistic consulting process. It is his belief that one does not just have a 401(k)/retirement plan, a home and mortgage, insurance policies, businesses, etc. What we all have is a personal economy and those items serve to make up that economy. These all must come together in a coordinated and integrated way to appropriately address all the obligations, opportunities, and threats that exist in life. There are internal and external forces working in our personal economies, forces we can control and forces we cannot, forces seen and forces unknown. Our personal economies are constantly evolving and changing. This makes planning a work in progress.  Rob’s role for his clients is to educate and lead them to become the greatest financial version of themselves. His job is to make your strategizing as easy for you as possible.



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