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Our Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested many things within our community and the nation as a whole. One of those things being how we as a community could support one another, demonstrate acts of kindness, and find new ways to get through these rough times together.

Through the strength that we exude as individuals, Running to the Rescue has been organized to challenge ourselves both mentality and physically, while supporting those on the front line who have committed their selves to protecting us. 

About The Adopt-A-Nurse Project

Adopt-A-Nurse was created by Kristin Hansen, RN at Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island. Her mission was to bring a morale booster to the nurses and medical professionals in her community during such a heart-wrenching time. By finding people in her local area that were willing to "adopt" a nurse, Kristin was able to set them up with nurses so the "adopters" could send the nurses a care package. The care packages have included things such as a simple card of gratitude, food deliveries, and other "pick-me-up" type of items. The purpose of these care packages have been to show gratitude and support to those who have supported us throughout this entire pandemic.

This project has created a community of individuals in its own. It has brought people together (from afar) and created new friendships along the way between nurses, adopters, and volunteers. Adopt-A-Nurse has gained momentum throughout Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, among other places.